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  • 天津融佳科技有限公司
  • Tianjin Rong Jia Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 联 系  人(contacts):高红梅 女士(Mrs GAO)
  • 电      话(Phone):86 22 82139888
  • 传      真(Fax):86 22 82118889
  • 地      址(Address):中国天津市天津市武清开发区栖仙中区33-3-105
  • Tianjin, Tianjin city, China Habitat in Wuqing Development Zone, 33-3-105
  • 邮      编(Zip Code):301700.
RJ-08(Emulsion)153000 G-08(Cream)55000 
 303000  153000 
 503000  203000 
 803000  303000 
 1003000  503000 
 1203000  1003000 
 Material: acrylic lotion bottle, cream bottle
Process: the electrochemical aluminum, grinding, coating (metal wire
drawing, UV light gold/silver, and other processes)
Printing: screen printing (text) hot stamping/print LOGO (samples can be produced)

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